Gajar Ka Halwa

Prepare Time :20 minutes
Cook Time : 25 minutes
Serves : 4

Gajar Ka Halwa is an ultimate Indian dessert or sweet dish. For this we use grated carrots, fat milk, sugar ,almonds ,ghee and cashew nuts are stirred and cooked together. It is a mouth watering Gajar Ka Halwa that you easily cook at home and definitely love it.



2 cups of fresh carrots.
1 cup of milk.
2 tbsp ghee.
1/2 cup of mava(khoya).
3 tbsp sugar or your taste.
15 sliced almonds(badam).
20 whole cashews nuts(kaju).
1 tbsp kishmish.
¼ tsp cardamom powder(elachi powder).

How to cook Gajar Ka Halwa

1.Firstly wash the carrots with fresh water. Peel and grated them.
2.Now heat 1.5 tbsp ghee in a deep heavy based pan on medium flame and add crushed carrots and saute for 7-8 minutes.
3. Now add milk and cardamon powder. Stir continuously on medium flame and cook till milk will reduce.
4. When the milk has reduced then add the remaining ghee, sugar, mava(khoya) and sliced cashew nuts, sliced almonds(badam) and kishmish, Cook for 3-4 minutes over low flame.
6. Now serve delicious Gajar Ka Halwa .

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