French Fries Recipe

Prepare Time :1 hour 15 minutes
Cook Time : 15 minutes
Serves : 2-3 people

French fries are also known as frites or finger chips or French fried potatoes or deep fried potato . It generally take as a snack and they are commonly appear on the menus of fast food. My Daawat is sharing easy French fries recipe for you.



2 large size of potatoes.
3-4 cup cold water.

How to cook French Fries Recipe

1 . Firstly wash the potatoes very well.
2 . After that peel and slice it lengthwise.
3 . Again wash the potato slices.
4 . Now add in to cold water and keep in freeze for an hour.
5 . After that remove from bowl and wipe with clean kitchen towel.
6 . Take oil in pan and heat them on medium flame.
7 . Now fry the potatoes on medium flame till they cooked and soft.
8 . Now take out and drain on tissue paper.
9 . After 3-4 minutes again keep in a freeze for 10 minutes.
10. Now heat oil on high flame.
11. And again fry the potato slices till they become brown and crispy.
12. Now take in a plate on tissue paper.
13. And serve the hot and crispy french fries with sauce.

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