Lapsi recipe


Lapsi recipe is very simple and quick breakfast recipe. It is made with daliya also called ground wheat, ghee, sugar(you can use jaggery) and some dry fruits. Daliya or ground wheat is full of nutrition. The traditional lapsi recipe is made simple without any dry fruits, However adding dry fruits makes it richer and more yummy.
Here My Daawat is sharing an easy lapsi recipe with you.



1 tbsp clarified butter(ghee).
½ cup daliya(ground wheat/fada).
½ tsp cardamom powder(ilaychi powder).
1 tbsp mix dry fruits.
2 tbsp sugar.
3/2 cup hot water.

How to cook Lapsi recipe

1. Firstly heat ghee in a heavy based pan on low flame and fry the sliced dry fruits until light brown, keep aside.
2. Now add daliya(ground wheat) and roast it for 6-7 minutes or till its color changes.
3. Now add hot water, stir and mix it well.
4. Now add sugar and cardamom powder stir well.
5. Cook on low flame until water is soaked.
6. Now add sliced dry fruits, mix well.
7. Now add 1 tsp melted ghee and garnish with dry fruits and serve delicious and Yummy Lapsi.


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