Malpua Recipe


Malpua Recipe is most popular dessert recipe in uttar Pradesh and bihar which makes during festival especially on Holi.

The batter of malpua is made with plan flour, malai, milk and few drop of kesari colour. This fried pancake is deeped in sugar syrup and garnish with dry fruits.If you like sweet dish then I am sure you will definitely like this malpua. It is very easy to make so must at home try.

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Today Mydaawat is sharing an easy Malpua Recipe with you.


½ cup malai
¼ tsp kesari colour
1 cup plan flour
1 cup milk
1 cup sugar
1 cup ghee

How to Make Malpua

1. Firstly take plan flour in a bowl.
2. Now add malai and mix well.
3. Pour milk slowly-slowly in malai-plan flour mixture and mix well, Make sure do not add milk at a time otherwise lumps make in it.
4. Batter should not be too thick nor not too runny, Beat the batter with the help of whisker.
5. Now add 2-3 drop of kesari colour and mix well.
6. Malpua batter is ready set aside.
7. For syrup take sugar in a container with half cup of water.
8. Boil the sugar syrup on medium flame.
9. When it done or reaches 1 string consistancy. Off the flame.
10. For making Malpua heat ghee in a pan on medium flame.
11. After that pour malpua batter in hot ghee with the help of spoon.
12. flip the malpua after 2 minutes.
13. Fry the malpua until golden from both side.
14. Now remove from pan add in sugar syrup.
15. Soak in for 8-10 minutes.
16. Take in plate garnish with dry fruits and serve the delicious Malpua.

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