How to Make Ghee From Milk Cream


How to make ghee from milk cream is very easy collecting  the cream from milk  and later processed in a food processor, Finding a very good butter and the  resulting in pure golden colour ghee.

Ghee has great health benefits and  incredible healing properties. It is good for lips, skin and heels  when It get chapped  in winter season.

Ghee is also called clarified or melted butter which is making by heating good butter to remove the milk solids and water.

Ghee is using in cooking, spread over rotis and light the lamp for god. For those who are unfamiliar, ghee is an unsalted butter or also called desi ghee in india.

MyDaawat is sharing the post where I will explain the process of  How to Make Ghee at Home with step-by-step pictures.

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1 cup milk cream.
2 glass water.

How to Make Ghee

1.First step is collecting the cream of milk in a container and stored in a refrigerator. The cream shown below is collected over 8 days.


2.Transfer the cream in a food processor with lucke warm water in winter season and cold water in summer season. speed it for 1-2 minutes.


3. And get the butter which is separated from the milk water, Keep in a deep container with some ice cubes or cold water in summer .



4.Now drain the extra water and heat the butter on medium flame, stir after every minute.


5. When it bubbles, see the clear ghee on top, Off the flame.


6. Once it cools down completely, strain the mixer and Ghee is ready now which looks different.

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