Palak Dhokla


Palak dhokla is my favourite breakfast. It is a traditional Gujrati breakfast made from chana dal ,palak and simple spices.This Palak Dhokla is different from common one and looks delicious and beautiful.



1 cup chana dal.
¼ cup fresh Palak(spinach) puree.
2 tsp garlic-ginger-green chilli paste .
½ tsp sesame .
½ tsp ajwain seeds.
½ tsp mustard seeds.
6-7 curry leaves.
½ tsp cumin seeds.
Required salt.
1/2 tsp Baking soda or Eno powder.
1 tsp lemon juce.
Required Oil.
Required water.

How to cook Palak Dhokla

1 . Soak the chana dal for 7-8 hours.
2 . After that wash it around 2-3 time.
3 . Now take it in a grinder and add water if required to make a dhokla paste.
4 . Now take dhokla paste in a large bowl and add spinach puree ,1 tsp oil, ginger-garlic-green chilli paste,cumin seeds,ajwain seeds and salt to your taste,mix well and keep aside for 1-2 hours.
5 . When you are going to steaming, add eno powder or baking powder,lemon juce and add 2 tsp of water and mix well.
6 . Now pour in a greased plate and place it in ‘dhokla awan’ and steam for 10-15 minutes till cooked.
7 . Cool and cut them in equal size .
8 . In a pan take 1 tsp oil and heat them.
9 . After that add mustard seeds ,cumin seeds,sesame and curry leaves when it crackle then add dhokla pieces and mix well.
10. Now take dhokla pieces in a plate.
11. Now serve the delicious Palak Dhkla with sauce.


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