Aate Ka Halwa


Aate Ka Halwa is the most popular and common sweet dish in North India. It is also known as kankecha sheera in Maharashtra and Kada Prasad in gurudwara. It made on festival like navratri or any special occasion but i usually make it for breakfast. To making perfect aate ka halwa i used wheat flour, sugar, almonds, cashew, raisins, cardamom powder and hot water. Most of the people add jaggery(gud) place of sugar to make it more healthy.



1 cup wheat flour(gehu ka aata).
3/4 cup butter(ghee).
3/4 cup sugar.
1.5 to 2 cups hot water.
8-10 cashew nuts(kaju).
6-7 almonds(badam).
1 tbsp raisins(kishmish).
¼ cardamom powder(ilaichi powder).

How to cook Aate Ka Halwa Recipe

1. Take butter in a heavy based pan and heat them on medium flame.
2. Now add almonds,cashew nuts and sauté till it become light golden.
3. Now add wheat flour and sauté on low-medium flame and stir continuously till it become golden colour.
4. When it roasted completely then add hot water ,cardamom powder and stir well till butter start leaving.
5. Now add sugar and sauté continuously till sugar melt.
6. After that add sliced cashew nuts, sliced almonds, kishmish and sauté for a minute.
7. Now serve hot and delicious Aate Ka Halwa immediately.


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