12 Amazing Health Benefits of Lemon Water


Lemons are full of nourishing elements like vitamin C, A, B6, E, folate, pantothenic acid and potassium.
It helps to prevent diabetes, cancer, diarrhea, kidney stones, constipation, high blood pressure, fever and aids the digestive system.

12 Amazing Health Benefit of Lemon Water
Here are 12 Amazing Health Benefits of Lemon Water:

1.Balances pH Levels:
Alkaline presence in lemon juice balance the pH of the body.
2.Flushes out Toxins:
Drinking lemon juice is most important to flushes out toxins and good for your health.
3.Good for Skin:
Lemon juice help to decrease blemishes, blackheads, wrinkles and give healthy glowing skin.
It also helps to reduce sun burn, acne and give a healthy glowing  skin.
4.Good for Hair:

Lemon juice is good for your hair. Apply lemon juice on scalp which remove dandruff and give shine hair.
5.Helps to Weight Lose:
Drinking lemon water help to maintain weight and increased metabolism. Pectin fiber and ployphenols presence in Lemon which helps to fight hunger cravings and weight loss solution.

Drink lemon juice and honey mixed with warm water early in the morning help reduce weight.
6.Reduce Nose Bleeding:
Dip small cotton ball in lemon juice and place it inside nose. It helps to reduce nose bleeding.
7.Helps Digestion:
Lemon juice help flush the digestive system and it also helps to rehydrate the body.
8.Boosting the immune system:
Lemon juice is rich source of vitamin c which prevents body against immune system.
9. Stress:

Drinking Lemon water early in the morning rather a cup of tea or coffee is help to reduce stress.
10.Dental Care:
Lemon juice is applied on the area of a toothache and get rid of the tooth and gum pain.

Drink lemon water in your daily diet will helps to decrease the acidity in your body.
12. Lemon water removes uric acid in your joints.