Spinach Rice Ka Paratha


Spinach Rice Ka paratha is another wonderful variation of paratha.for making dough I used cooked rice, spinach,rice flour and spices. It cooks easily and quick for breakfast .
Spinach contains fiber along with vitamins and minerals. Spinach Rice Ka Paratha is nutritious and tasty Indian flat bread recipe.

spinach-rice-ka-paratha-mydaawat copy

Prepare time : 15 minutes
Cook time : 20 minutes
serves : 4 people


½ cup of rice flour.
1 cup fresh chopped spinach (palak).
4 tbsp cooked rice.
½ tsp carom(ajwain) seeds.
1 tsp green chilli paste.
1/4 tsp Red chilli powder.
Required salt.
2 tsp oil.
2 tsp butter(ghee).

How to cook Spinach Rice Ka Paratha

1. Take cooked rice in a grinder and spinach and using little bit water to make a smooth puree.
2. Put puree into a deep bowl and add rice flour, salt,ghee,ajwain,red chilli powder and green chilli paste,mix well and make a smooth dough.
3. Make a medium ball from dough and roll out each portion into circle.
4. Heat a non-stick tava and bake the paratha using oil, till it become golden and crisp from both sides.
5. Now Serve the hot Spinach Rice Ka Paratha with curd or pickle.


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