11 foods you should not keep in the refrigerator


Fruits and vegetables
Here are 11 foods you should not keep in the refrigerator


If you keep unpeeled onions in refrigerator it beome musty or mouldy. So you should keep cool, dark and dry location.

If you keep peeled and chopped onion in fridge, then the layers of onion become dry. even if you put in air tight container or wrap in the plastic bags.

Do not store onion and potatoes together, because potatoes give off gas that can made spoily or mushy onion quickly.


If you want to store ripe pumpkin for long time then you should keep cool, dark and dry well-ventilated location.

If you are using raw pumpkin then it should be keep in refrigerator.

3. Avocados

If avocado is raw or rock-hard then it should not be keep in the refrigerator because it takes time to be ripen.

And if you have Ripen avocado and you don’t want to eat now then can be keep in refrigerator.


Do not store garlic in the fridge, If you do then it become sprout in the fridge, and also will get mold and rubbery.

It should be keep in cool, dark and dry place.


Do not keep potatoes in refrigerator because cold temperature converts their starch to sugar more quickly, that can affect the flavor.

It should be keep cool and dry place.


It is okay to refrigerate bread, if you are using for sandwich otherwise avoid to refrigerate.

If you store in fridge then it become tough and stale quickly.


Honey should be kept in a air tight container or a glass jar at room temperature in a dry place.

Refrigerating honey will increase speed of crystallization, making it hard to spread.

8 Tomatoes

Keeping tomatoes in te fridge will lose their flavor because the old air stops to ripening process.

Cold temperature makes the tomato mealy.

Keep tomatoes out in vegetable basket on the counter.


Coffee should be keep in air tight containers or airtight wrapped bag at cool, dark and dry loation.

Keeping coffee in Freeze lose their flavor and freshness.


Keeping ripen banana in refrigerate is okay , However keeping raw banana is not okay because of it will stop the process of ripen.

11.Olive oil

If you keep olive oil in fridge then it will thicken and turn to harder so store olive oil in a cool, dark and dry loation.