Aamras Recipe


Aamras is most popular in Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Gujarat during summer season. There are lot of variations to make aamras, Some people make by adding milk. Some add coconut milk and dry fruits. However today I am making simple without milk and dry fruits.

aamras is prepared by extracting the pulp of ripe mangoes, chilled water, sugar and cardamom. A lot of people like different flavors, you can also use dry ginger powder and saffron at the place of cardamom.

If you have ‘alphonso ‘ mango then avoid sugar because it’s too sweet so no need to add sugar.
Traditionally aamras goes well with poori.

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Today MyDaawat is sharing an easy Aamras Recipe with step by step pictures.



3 Ripe Mangoes(3 cups).
1 tsp sugar.
¼ cup chilled water.
¼ tsp cardamom powder.

How to make Aamras Recipe

1. Firstly peel the mangoes and chop them into medium pieces.
2. Now add mango pieces, sugar and water in a blender or juicer.
3. Blend them until it becomes smooth.
4. Now add cardamom powder.
5. You can also add dry ginger powder and saffron at the place of cardamom powder.
6. Now pour into bowl and serve delicious Aamras with poori.


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