Mango Milkshake Recipe


Mango milkshake is most popular and refreshing milkshake recipe during summer in India which is prepared by ripe mangoes and milk. And that’s the one reason why people look forward to summers.

It is my favorite summer drink which helps to lowering the body temperature that’s why I have been making mango milkshake for my family almost every day.


Mango Milkshake| mango shake| Aam ras.

This cooling milkshake  can be made in different versions and can be served in numerous ways. I have used badami mangoes , sugar, milk, almonds and cardamom for making this milkshake recipe.

Here ar other recipes of mango aam ras, aam pana  and shakes are banana milkshake.

Today Mydaawat is sharing an easy Mango Milkshake Recipe with step by step pictures which helps to make it more easy.




1 large sized mango(badami).
1 cup milk.
3-4 cardamom.
7-8 almonds.
1 tbsp sugar.

How to Make Mango Milkshake

1.Firstly wash, peel and chop the mango.
2.Take it in a blender by adding sugar, cardamom, sugar and almonds. Blend it for 5-10 seconds.

3.Now add the milk and again blend it for 2 second or until smooth ar creamy.

4.Pour in the glasses, garnish with almonds and Pistachio.
5.Sereve yummy and delicious Mango Milkshake.


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