Long Beans Curry


Long beans are healthy vegetables which is easily available in all markets. It is also known as chawla fali or lobia fali.
Long beans has a very good amount of fiber thats good for stomach and helps to lower cholesterol.
Long beans curry is tasty and healthy curry which easily makes at home.

Here My Daawat is sharing an easy Long Beans Curry recipe with step by step pictures.




2 cup chopped Long beans or chawla fali or lobiya fali.
1 small finely chopped potato.
½ teaspoon cumin seeds(jeera).
1 tsp red chilli powder.
¼ tsp turmeric powder(haldi).
1 tsp coriander powder(dhaniya powder).
1/4 tsp black pepper powder.
A pinch of asafoetida(hing).
Required salt to your taste.
1 tbsp oil.

How to cook Long Beans Curry

1. Firstly wash the long beans well and remove the head and tail part of it.
2. Now chop them into small pieces.
3. Now heat oil in a heavy based pan on medium flame. Add cumin seeds after oil heated.


4. When crackled add finely chopped onion and chooped green chilli, Saute for a minute. Add mashed garlic cloves.


5. Now add chopped long beans, chopped potatoes and asafoetida. Mix well and cook for 10-12 minutes.


6. When beans cooked then add turmeric powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder, salt and black pepper powder. Cook for 2 -3 minutes on medium flame.


7. Now garnish with coriander leaves and serve with chapati and paratha.




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