10 Ways to chop onion without tear


Onions are great way to make delicious dish and best addition to many curries but cutting it so much frustrating when it makes you cry.
My Daawat is sharing some remedies for cutting onion with you so that you can cut onion with fewer tear.

10 Ways to chop onions with fewer tear

Here are 10 Ways to chop onion without tear:

1 . When you slice an onion, simply burn a candle very close to the onion (4-5 inches from the onion). The flame will burn up the fumes from the onion before they reach your eyes.
2 . Do not slice the root end while cutting the onions.
3 . Place the onion in the freeze about an hour or 15-20 minutes in freezer before cutting the onion.
4 . Cut the outer layer of the onion and soak in cold and salted water for 15-20 minutes.
5 . When you cut the onion hold your wrist under running cold water.
6 . When you cut the onion just hold one match or incense stick or a piece of breads or some water or chewing gum or spoon in your mouth.
7 . Wear contact lenses or onion goggles while cutting the onion.
8 . While cutting the onion use table fan so the air blows across the onions and towards the door or window.
9 . Use a super-sharp knife and cut the onion quickly.
10.While cutting the onion rub the lemon juice on the knife from both sides