Sukhi Bhindi


Bhindi(lady finger) is one of the most commonly consumed vegetables in India.Sukhi Bhindi is an Indian vegetarian dish the bhindi is quickly pan-fried to retain its colour and crisp then mixed in a soft spice. It is typically served with rice/roti/paratha.
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Preparation Time:- 5 minutes
Cook Time:-20 minutes
Serves 2 people


2 cups chopped lady finger(bhindi).
1 tbsp oil.
1 tsp garlic paste.
¼ cup chopped onions.
½ cumin seeds.
½ tsp chilli powder.
1/4 tsp turmeric powder.
½ tsp garam masala powder
½ tsp amchur.
Required salt to taste.
½ tbsp coriander powder.
Coriander leaves.

How to cook Sukhi Bhindi

1 . Heat the oil in a pan on a high flame and deep-fry the ladies finger in it for 1-2 minutes. Drain on absorbent paper and keep aside.
2 . Heat 2 tbsp of oil in another pan , add cumin seeds when it crackle then add the garlic paste and sauté for a minute.
3 . Now Add the onions and sauté till they become golden brown.
4 . Now Add chilli powder, turmeric powder, garam masala, amchur powder and salt and mix well.
5 . Now Add the fried lady finger and coriander powder,mix well.
6 . Cover and cook for 2-3 minutes.
7 . Garnish with coriander leaves and Serve delicious hot Sukhi Bhindi.


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