Peanut Chikki Recipe


Peanut chikki recipe or Moongfali chikki or Gudhpatti  is very popular and easy Indian sweet recipe which is made of only two ingredients peanuts and jaggery.

It is healthy and delicious snacks, specially made in winter season or we can say that enjoyed during festivals like Makarsankranti, Lohri, Pongal and navratri.

This is Kids favorite snacks, you can make at home with easy step. Here are other recipes of peanut Peanut curry, Peanut ladoo, Peanut jaggery syrup ladoo, Peanut chutney.

I am sharing Peanut Chikki Recipe with you.


1 cup Peanut
1 cup jaggery(gud)
1 tbsp ghee

How to Make Peanut Chikki

1. Firstly take jaggery in a pan.
2. Now add 1 tsp ghee and little bit of water.
3. Stir continuously on medium flame until jaggery melt.
4. When it melts completely then low the flame.
5. After that wait for 2-3 minutes or syrup turn shiny and give nice foam.
6. Check the consistency, In bowl of water drop syrup ball.
7. It should be foam hard or easily break.
8. Add roasted peanuts, off the flame and mix well.
9. Apply 1 tsp ghee on board and then spread the mixture on it.
10. Now roll it with the help of rolling pin and cut in square shape.
11. Allow to cool or after an hour remove the peanut chikki slice.
12. Peanut chikki is ready to serve or you can store in air tight box.

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